Salt and Light Foundation Australia

Who are we, what are we, where are we, why are we?

All such important questions. We are a family that really wanted to help a community that we came from in a town called Durban South Africa. That’s the plain and simplest form of the story, however over the last couple of years we realised that we had actually heard the whisper, the call, the longing to be part of humanity that cares. So we have a boss and his name is the Big Man upstairs, the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning and the end, the great I Am. We answer to Him and that’s who inspires our work and dictates it.

We have banded together some people in Perth, Western Australia where we have been living for the past 20 years and in South Africa to be one voice for the under….the under privileged, the undermined, the under valued, the under dog.

When i talk about my problems or my grievances i realise i literally do have first world problems! I do, and that’s why i do what i do. Because not everyone has the privilege of first world problems. I think that having first world problems makes me a person in life that should give, should help and mostly, should LOVE. That all important word isn’t it? What does it mean? Well to me it means wholeness, inclusion….. inclusive.

Our goal as a group is to live out this word and live it out as well as we can in areas where you sometimes struggle to see it. At Salt and Light we want it to be the basis of what we do and let all things flow from that. If this sounds like a place you would like to hang out and plan and produce for the unders…. give us a bell

In Love



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